Complementary way to enhanced health and wellbeing,
with Mary Sarah Eldridge, in York

Remedial and Orthopaedic Massage

Remedial and Orthopaedic Massage helps to remedy tension and posture and ease muscular aches and pain.

Pregnancy Massage

It’s often hard to find professional Pregnancy Massage in York but we specialise in this delicate expertise. Call for more information

Therapeutic massage

Find out more about our range of therapeutic massages, tailor-made for each individual patient.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

This specialist lymphatic massage improves the activity of the lymph vessels and nodes

Mary Sarah Eldridge, Complementary Health Therapist

BA (Hons) QTS, Dip Rem. Dip C.H. LCSP. IPCH

A  recommended therapist with a broad knowledge and high level experience, Mary listens your story and needs to identify the issue and understand what technique to use to help your holistic healing.

Massage Therapy in York? See what our happy patients say

“I have known Mary Sarah for nearly four years and have been a regular client throughout, including during my two pregnancies.
Mary Sarah puts you at ease from the moment you walk through the door. She is very warm and makes sure the massage is tailored to your needs.
I have tried different types of massage with her.
Pregnancy massage: I have had problems with my sacrus due to a fall and she has worked at a muscular level helping to relieve the tension in my lower back. She is very aware of many aspects of pregnancy which is reassuring, and makes her massages safe and relaxing.
I have also tried remedial massage when I had problems with my wrists during my second pregnancy and also with my ankle when I injured it running.
Whenever I have had a massage I have always felt my needs were met and looked forward to the next appointment.”

Mother of two in her 30s

Mary Sarah is an exceptional practitioner. Having seen her over the course of the last six years for therapeutic massage for on-going stress management alongside several sessions of treatment for more acute and isolated issues or back pain or injury I can wholeheartedly recommend her. She is sympathetic, client-led and adaptive to individual needs. Professional, caring and effective, her treatments are wonderful.

Meg, Academic researcher/lecturer

Mary took the time to listen to my personal injury story and then expertly put this in context to how this may have occurred. This understanding enabled me to gain my confidence in my badminton.

Following Mary’s consultation I realised that my shoulder injury was not as serious as I thought and the symptoms of pain soon relented following a series of treatments. Mary was able to isolate the cause within minutes and then explain a plan to resolve the condition.

I recommend Mary Eldridge to others who are looking for specialists in remedial massage.”

Daniel, Software Professional

Massage in York

  • Oriental Acupressure Massage- the trunk and extremities, treatments for digestion,    uro-genital, headaches/migraine and neck pain
  • Clinical Aromatherapy in York
  • Relaxation Massage with aromatherapy oils and hot stones (optional)
  • Thai Herbal Hot Compress treatments
  • Seated Massage and Indian Head Massage
  • Tailor-made massages for the treatment of sinus problems, hay fever, ear problems, headaches and migraines using MLD, Oriental acupressure