Clinical Aromatherapy


An Aromatherapy treatment to suit your individual needs using clinical Aromatherapy

An organic chemistry holistic healing system.

This is a highly specialised therapy that can treat up to three specific symptoms with massage, inhilation, creams, compresses and immersion. This is so much more than a nice smelling massage!


What is Clinical Aromatherapy?

Clinical Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use and application of genuine and authentic plant derived essential oils for the healing of patients based upon examination of client needs and state of health.

Clinical Aromatherapy is like a form of medication with essential oils properties able to penetrate into the body and blood stream through the skin and through inhalation to have an effect on the body at a cellular level and on the brain and the mind. It can be used skillfully to treat conditions of the body (physical) and mind (emotional).

Essential oils have been used in fragrances, flavourings and medicines for thousands of years and there are around 400 different oils extracted from plants all over the world. Each individual essential oil has its own unique therapeutic properties, and can be used or applied in a variety of ways.

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